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Course Number Spacer Course Description Instructor
ANT100 Sect N001 Spacer General Anthropology Hays,Christopher T
ANT102 Sect N001 Spacer Archaeology and the Prehistoric World Hays,Christopher T
ANT314 Sect N001 Spacer Indians of North America (ES) Hays,Christopher T
Asperger Lecture Spacer Lecture about Asperger Syndrome Brian Schultz
BIO191 Sect N001 Spacer Environmental Science Schaefer,Wayne F
BIO281 Sect N001 Spacer Human Physiology Schaefer,Wayne F
GEO124 Sect N001 Spacer Physical Geography: Landforms Sanborn,Robert K
GLG170 Sect N001 Spacer Disasters-Living on the Edge Sanborn,Robert K
Registration Spacer New Student Registration: Technology Tutorial Info. Tech.
UW-WC Fiction Spacer UW-Washington County Library Fiction Series Varies
UW-WC Lectures Spacer UW-Washington County Public Lecture Series Varies
UW-WC Literature Spacer UW-Washington County Library Lit. Lecture Series Varies
UW-WC Poetry Spacer UW-Washington County Library Poetry Series Varies
UW-WC STEM Spacer UW Washington County STEM Lectures
UW-WC Stu Gov Spacer UW-Washington County Student Government Varies

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